Are you a writer? Yes, you are.

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Have you seen a painter or sculptor at work? If you haven’t you have plenty of opportunity to do that on YouTube. The artist has a vision of his product in his head but he has to start from scratch. Sometimes it also happens to be scrap. And the final result ensues ever so slowly; often imparting a very anserine look to the piece in progress. But never have I heard or seen an artist lose sight of his vision or go astray or feel the blues. But why does this happen with writers so much?

A writer is as much an artist as a painter or sculptor.Perhaps the thought of audience is etched in the mind of a writer even before he sets to write and that makes all the difference. And maybe it’s also got to do with the intangible nature of the product. A painter or sculptor is blessed to be able to get a feel of his work even as he works with it and a writer has to pray he should be able to touch a paperback of his novel someday. And this uncertainty leads to fear of not being published over time and that in turn finds you all at sea.

So, this form of art that you have chosen is a taxing one; one that gets no encouragement most of the time. You may be the only one to
encourage yourself. Haven’t we noticed that it’s ever so easy and even a matter of pride to introduce people, even amateurs in their field, as singers or painters? But the general tendency of people is that only a published writer is a writer. The person who merely performs the act of writing does not figure into even the second meaning of the word ‘Writer’ in their minds. So the question of credibility arises when talking of an unpublished writer because writing is seen as an art that cannot be perfected with practice.

To change this general credo of people is out of question. But there’s lot of good that can be taken from the other artisans who invariably enjoy more support and audience. The only way to get to hold your paperback in hand soon, is to imbibe the quality of focus devoid of apprehension from the painter or sculptor. The sooner you apply this, the faster your name appears in print.

So don’t fret co-writer. Start chiselling that story with conviction even if doesn’t exactly the match that shape in your mind today. No one is born with a silver spoon, atleast a writer is defintely not. The fire deep down in you will take you there very soon; to behold that perfect story.


4 thoughts on “Are you a writer? Yes, you are.

  1. Hi, Welcome to the Rule of Three at Renaissance! I’m thrilled you decided to join, and look forward to reading you story. Do help spread the word via your blog, and thru the #REN3 hashtag on twitter!

  2. Writers are so insecure about themselves – there’s an Insecure Writer’s Group stated by an author/blogger and it’s gotten a huge response 🙂

    Stopped by to welcome you to our Rule Of Three blogfest…looking forward to what you come up with!!

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