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“I wandered lonely as a cloud”…

Well, I was not exactly lonely. Maybe I just felt things in my life were getting a bit lacklustre. I was in need of something super exciting and stimulating. Something that would trigger the enthusiasm for the nerd in me. It’s been quite some time since I pampered that part of me. No, really the nerdy part slowly retards without food and finally withers away leaving stubs of guilt and restlessness.

So, let’s say I wandered vapidly, not over vales and hills certainly. And as I hobbled about this way, I stumbled upon this blog – This blog is by this super cool person Robert Bruce who has committed to read all of the 100 books(ALL TIME 100 NOVELS) listed in TIME magazine. This quest seemed to me a very sensible one and I instantly wanted to take it up, without any second thoughts.

Now I am extremely eager to plunge into the pursuit and get ahead. I will not be setting myself any time limit for completing this goal, just like Robert, for I want to take in all the good literature slowly and surely. What’s reading when you don’t savour every word from the book?

This challenge will go simultaneously with my usual reading, reviewing and writing. So, that means I have a lot of things to get done and I simply love that feeling! Now let me tell you, I’m not in the least jobless to feel that way. But I work twelve hours a day at a place very far from the literary world. It’s these little bits of happiness that I collect during the rest of the day(which is very sparse) that strenghten the balance of things. So, that’s that.

I am going to have a great time hunting for these books in my library this week. Wish me luck!

And, tell me, would you be interested in joining along this effort? It would be fun. I assure you.


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