Rule of Three: Evanescence Part 2

Rule of Three

Howdy! Here’s the second part to the story.

What a beauty!” Maria gasped for breath as she tried to perfect the evergreen shrubs on her canvas.“But something seems to be missing surely”

“My Maria, when will you stop being modest?” Helena cried in reply.

While the two were engaged in the creative pursuit, Elaina stood atop a mound of pebbles, looking at her reflection in the blue waters. She felt her cheeks as she looked and brushed aside a strand of her chestnut hair as the breeze teased it. Her eyes suddenly seemed all curiosity, her figure all sensuality and her aura seemed to attract every living being around it.

“Will you see that?” Maria said distracted by Elaina’s silence which was very unusual.

”Little sister admiring herself! Oh dear, look at my beautiful Elli!” Helena teased.

Before Elaina could reply, a twang of a bow was heard and an arrow zoomed beside Elaina’s ear, missing it by a fraction. Elaina fell off the mound and landed on a bush of thorns. Helena stood paralysed while Maria fought her fear and moved herself towards Elaina. She lowered herself and helped Elaina onto her hands.

“Elli!” Helena was in tears.

“Dip your handkerchief in the water and bring it” Maria instructed Helena. Elaina jerked heavily, as Maria picked the thorns and rubbed the wounds .

“Who would have done that?” Elaina said feebly after her tender body numbed with the pain. The flummoxed girls could barely reply. Just then Nora bit Elaina’s shoe to turn her attention to a trail of footprints. These marks were proof enough that danger was lurking somewhere, behind one of those bushes.

“I’m going to find out” Elaina cleared her throat, while the girls wished they wouldn’t hear those very words. When the younger Ms. Bond was determined to accomplish a task, the others followed without refuting. Elaina brushed aside her injuries mentally, and walked steadily ahead of her companions along with Nora. The marks on the ground led to a slightly growing gradient and disappeared a few hundred yards before a little cottage.

A cottage in the middle of Assart! Elaina wondered. “Is that a cottage?” Maria said trying to gain a grip on the ground.

“We will find out!”

The girls crouched their way to the cottage which camouflaged with the forest.

“Let’s get to the back of the house. The door may be open” Elaina whispered and led them.

And as Providence is always at service to aid the ones in distress, the door was indeed left ajar. The house was silent and dark. “Elli, come back” Helena tugged at her sister but in vain. Elaina was already into a room which looked like a gallery. Paintings of all sizes hung about its walls.

“Look! That’s the painting of the couple that Mrs. Rugs talks about” Elaina said astonished. “And there’s one with them holding a child”

The woman in the pictures looked unearthly and the child she held was undeniably her very own. Every feature of her virtuous face was visible on her boy. On the far end of the room was a painting that surpassed all the others in its realism. The woman sits by the door, pressing the juice out of leaves and shrubs onto a crude pestle. Dried tears embellish her red cheeks and warm affection flows from her heart.

The girls stood in awe, admiring the beauty of the paintings forgetting their peril. “The couple never returned they said” Elaina breathed.

“That’s because they decided to stay where their hearts were” a voice replied.

Little did they notice the silhouette of a man standing behind them.



Word count: 600

Prompt: Someone is killed or almost killed

Main Character: Elaina Bond

Read Part 1 here.



9 thoughts on “Rule of Three: Evanescence Part 2

    • I thought I would just answer it now, atleast a part of it. Though I’m sure the next part will answer that better I hope. So, the shooting because, otherwise the girls wouln’t wander away in search of a cottage which they don’t even know exists. They would just stick to their purpose, you know, it’s two diffident girls against one adventurous one.

  1. I’m also curious about the title and how Evanescence is going to play in. Obviously the man is bad news if they’re in peril and he wants one or all of them for some reason?

  2. One of the things I learned in undergrad was that sometimes you just need something to give the main character(s) a push forward out of the status quo. That arrow shot accomplished this.

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