The surge of the urge

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I wasn’t going to do a post today.  Until I read this on YA writer Tahereh Mafi’s blog. And it hit me that I’ve been procrastinating too much delaying ‘The Day’. I’ve been dreaming way over the limit about ‘The Day’ and not actually working towards its actualization. I wish to witness ‘The Day’ and hold my baby in hands and cuddle it. But its in my hands to reduce gestational period(Excuse me for getting too cheesy) and I have done nothing about it lately.

Honestly, writing has taken a back seat while work has started to consume the larger part of time and energy. Despite the struggle to make space I haven’t had much luck. My WIP is crying for words and I haven’t been able to nourish it to fruition. I feel like a complete bully starving my WIP and harming my desire to write at the same time. Perhaps better time management? Well, I’ve not been able to do that very efficiently.

But there’s one tool that spurs me forward better than anything else- seeing the success of other up-coming writers. After I read that post by Tahereh Mafi I felt the joy and the pinch at the same. The joy of feeling the happiness of another and the pinch of delaying my getting there soon. As an aspiring writer, I’ve seen that my graph of motivation and work has been rather fluctuating unfortunately. I have always been in constant need of company, motivation, push to get ahead. I often went wandering outside in search of these and ended up having an insipid day with bitter entries to write in my journal. Now I have realized that these are ingredients that come from within.

But with the blogosphere brimming with so many lively writers and aspirants I have found some solace at last. Even as I battle my insecurities I have now understood there’s a lot of hope to be had. The loneliness has been done away with. And all I have to do is move towards witnessing ‘The Day’.

I can feel the words flowing in my head with renewed zest and sensibility already. I hope this surge stays consistent and constant for the days to come.


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