Rule of Three: Evanescence Part IV

Rule of Three

I’m really excited to present Part IV of the story today. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable experience writing for the Blogfest. It’s the sense of community that this blogfest brought about that I liked the most. And I hope you find this final installment enjoyable.

“Who would have thought that Assart held so much at its heart? This place a living secret in itself” marvelled Maria as the party walked the quiet corridors of the ever expanding cottage.

“And I never knew that the line between life and death was so thin. Yes, we have all learnt a lot” said Elaina.

“There’s so much hidden in the beauty of the wild. And the wild is ever so beautiful and deceptive! These pictures are deeply etched in our minds and their virility will never dampen. We will never have to wander anymore for inspiration” joined Helena hand-in-hand with Richard.

“And dear Elaina, forget the mishap graciously now. No harm was done and we only have to thank God for that” Richard said sensing distress on Elaina’s countenance.

No sooner had Richard completed than a familiar noise was heard. An arrow came swooping through the corridor and pierced its way onto the wooden wall opposite them.

“It came through the open window there!” said an alarmed Elaina. On taking a closer look a scroll attached to the arrow was visible. Richard removed the string to loosen the scroll and read out its contents aloud:

Dear Richard,

Firstly, I entreat you to kindly explain to your friends that my shooting them was purely by mistake. I sincerely feel for the harm that my action may have caused. There have been many intruders and truants of traders who have managed to mischievously steal our ancient herbs and plants. Thinking them to be such bad hats I shot a hasty arrow and regret it. I hope you would make them understand.

And, comrade I have also decided to move away from here. The muscles of my heart are yet strong and I wish to discover more of what this worlds holds for me. I am too restless to harbour myself at this century old place that I have lived since my childhood. But I love it dearly. I ask you, good friend, to preserve this temple to my great-grandparent’s memory. I knew you were the one for it from the very moment we became friends.

But now is the time I have decided to take leave, just before the whole world can wake up to the secrets of the Freus’s family.  It was their wish to remain silent forever in this way and my duty to uphold that.

 So now I leave in good hope that I have left a part of my soul safely and wish you and your friends a great life ahead. May His grace be upon you always.

Your dearest

Erichton Freus

“I should have known! Erichton would fly away eventually” Richard’s voice cracked.

“After all he’s the great-grandson of Lady Freus!”

“Pity! I wanted to see my villain” Elaina rebuked.

“You can very well do that in here” Richard said pointing to his heart.  “After knowing so much about him and his ancestors it certainly won’t be hard to imagine his picture”

“But it was wicked of him to run away like that”

“No, Elaina. It was his duty to withhold the secrets of his family. After so many years of disappearance of the line it was only natural of him to want to keep away speculations. He wanted to leave his family in peace and his sacrifice is a great one”

Elaina reddened. And Helena’s hug came in time to comfort her sister. “And what’s important for me is that we are all safe!”

The setting sun searched out the group huddled in the corner to witness a gathering united by love and secrets.


Word count: 600

Prompts used: The final event becomes another secret for generations to come.

Read Part I, II, III.




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