October Round Up

Stephanie Perkins is one personality I find really interesting in recent times. My year started off with reading and loving her debut novel ‘Anna and the French Kiss’. And I was bowled over this autumn when I read her second book, ‘Lola and the Boy Next Door’. The good cheer didn’t fail to hit me and I finished the book in one go. I must say it was an absolute joy ride reading it. The colours, sights and emotions blended so well, it was one well structured story. What sets this book apart is its quirky characters. Only Stephanie can pull off something as eccentric as gay parents! And Lola’s sense of style in book quite revived my liking for jazzy  nail polish and sparkly dresses. Not to mention, my passion for pies too. The other heartening aspect of the book is the appearance of Anna and Etienne, the adorable and celebrated pair from her first book. These characters are present throughout and added to the wholesomeness of the plot. And I can’t stop loving Cricket. Everything about this character is so wonderful and lovable. All through the book I could feel all the passions of the writer flowing out. And when I finished the book in one go, I really understood the importance of writing about what you most love.

So, apart from that I read ‘Thanks for the Memories’ by Cecelia Ahern which was another feel good book too. This is the first book I read by the writer and it was really gripping. What really shined through for me was the remarkable father-daughter relationship. And the narration from two points of view was also very interesting. The dialogues are also very brisk and fresh which feed the plot its pace. On the whole it was worthwhile read.

And that’s all I had time to read- just two books. I sincerely hope November has better prospects in store for me.


I did do some writing for the REN blogfest which was thoroughly enjoyable. My WIP did show some signs of improvement in terms of progress in chapters and I’m only looking ahead now. I have strongly come to believe that positivity is the only way to go.


I discovered some fascinating TV shows that I had missed through tastekid. Now, this tastekid thing has really got me addicted. I end up typing up something everyday and discover loads of fun stuff. What do I love more than Jane Austen and ‘Pride and Prejudice’? Simply Nothing. Tastekid threw up ‘North and South’ and ‘Lost in Austen’ in return and I am ever so happy to have watched them. And after falling in love with John Thornton I also ordered the book by Elizabeth Gaskell. I will go on forever if start about Richard Armitage, but I will spare you dear readers by just saying ‘I love him’.

‘Lost in Austen’ was bold, eccentric, funny and enjoyable. The ending is every Darcy lover’s dream-come-true and though the story was not very emotional I had tears in the end. And I now believe that I can devour ‘Pride and Prejudice’ in any form other than the book too.


4 thoughts on “October Round Up

  1. Spent a nice time this afternoon watching ‘Lost in Austen’.
    Your adulation on Austen is making me eager to read her novels. I don’t know if i ll be able to savour it in the way you do it..but Im strongly hoping for the best after reading your blogs..:)

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