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This is quite early for a wind-up post of the year’s high’s and lows. So I’ll do all that when it’s the right time. But the purpose of this post though is to list out the various challenges that I’m planning to take up in twenty twelve 🙂

First up, the super-exciting Jane Austen read-along in January. I’ll be re-reading some of the best books ever written in the world of Literature and so will all the wonderful people who have signed up to join it. And so will you if you sign up now. You can view details of it here.

I came across this South Asian Challenge that requires the participants to read books written by South Asian writers. And I simply couldn’t resist the urge to take part in it. Every year I do get some reading done by South Asian writers but not just enough. Now I can actually push myself to get that bit of extra reading done in this genre. And would you care to notice the elegant button! It’s so pretty and showcases an extraordinary Indian danceform. The challenge is hosted by S. Krishna’s books. I have made up my mind to read at least four books for this challenge.


Then, who can resist a handsome uniform clad man from a book? I certainly cannot. This unique reading challenge really impelled me to join in without any second thoughts. It’s called the Men In Uniform Reading Challenge and its hosted by The Book Vixen. The challenge has various levels of reading to get done and I think I’ll do the Sergeant level that requires 1-5 books to be read. The list of books however I’ll update later on when I finally zero in on the choices.

And additonally I’m also going to challenge myself to be more open to genres of books that I usually steer clear from like historical fiction, crime fiction, steampunk and the like.  Finally like any other book lover I’m hoping to get more reading done than usual. So that’s that on the reading front. With this sorted I’m off to ponder about the writing challenges that I’m going to take up strictly this coming year.




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