Jane Austen January Blogfest

For all of you Austen fans who are ever so excited to join the blogfest mentioned in my previous post here’s more about it. This will be a celebration of the love and passion that we have for the genius writer, Jane Austen. And according to me it will also be a super exciting and appetising way to welcome th new year. The prime purpose of this venture is to indulge in reading together. In this era of incessant office conferences, board meetings, assignments, homeworks and all other such humdrum activities, where’s the time to get together and do some group reading? But then if we all only ponder and sulk about the fact nothing’s ever going to happens. Hence, the fest.

What exactly will we be doing?

In three words- Everything Jane Austen!

We as ardent lovers of Austen’s characters, places and plots can come up with a little more than a million ideas to add pomp and colour to the fest. To name a few:

~The reading experience which will be the greatest and the first joy.

~ Discussions on your new finds from the books and confessions like, “I actually didn’t mind Lydia!”

~ Quizzing and discovering what’s it that we love best in the books…

~ Sharing links and spreading the joy of reading, Jane Austen…

~ Debating on which movie did closest justice to the book…

~ Taking sides: Darcy or Wentworth? Edmund or Henry? Fanny or Catherine?

~ Discover a Darcy maybe 😉 (Now that caught you in the net!)

~ And what not!

I invite suggestions for more fun inclusions to the event. Books we will be reading:

~ Northanger Abbey

~ Sense and Sensibility

~ Pride and Prejudice

~ Mansfield Park

~ Emma

~ Persuasion

And now for the rules:

1. You must be serious about the fest. That’s the least respect we could show to our beloved writer.

2. You are required to read atleast 4 of the 6 books keeping in mind the busy schedules and not to mention the new year partying.

3. You are required to write reviews/ share thoughts on the books we will be reading. If you have a blog you can leave links to the reviews here. The idea is to diffuse your joy to all the others out there.


That’s all 🙂

Optionally, you could tweet/blog about this fest for the only reason that I wish as many people to share the joy of reading together 🙂

So, come lets feast together!